BOB’S BLOG: INKBLOTS: “Unsung Heroes”-Our Retailers


It’s been almost exactly two years since I last ran an Unsung Heroes article (on Larry Dempsey) for my Inkblots column so I’m obviously overdue (former articles were on Michael Netzer & Bob McLeod and Serge LaPointe & PJ Magalhaes).  This time I wanted to give special recognition to our retailer associates who we never want to take for granted.  They have assisted us in two crucial programs, the COMPliments Program and Fundraising. Early on Bob Shaw helped establish our general fundraising system where we not only acquire donations from artists at conventions to auction off on eBay but to purchase at cost the blank cover variant comics that suddenly became the rage at Marvel soon after we started up. We received these from a number of retailers at the time but most-notably Larry Harrison of Harrison’s Comics & Pop Culture, Ernie Pelletier Jr. of Friendly Neighborhood Comics, Jay Pillarella of Rubber Chicken Comics, and Nate Machado from New England Comics.















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As was reported back in November and December, The non-profit Inkwell Awards have obtained a historic and unique CBCS-graded collectible by legendary artists Neal Adams & Joe Sinnott for fundraising to the inking advocacy. This slabbed Batman sketch art (graded 9.4) was previously described in detail at the blog of author and Inkwell special ambassador Clifford Meth and it was reserved until the spring due to the then-upcoming holidays and winter off-period. This auction will now debut March 13 along with donations from other community artist supporters to inaugurate an event that the charity organization has dubbed The Sinnott Spring Celebration from March through May.

Every week to two weeks, in addition to other donations, there will be a unique donation item from or relating to Inkwell Awards Hall of Fame namesake, special ambassador and iconic ink artist Joe Sinnott. Other such items include a Wolverine ink sketch on a blank variant cover comic, original inked Deathlok art over a pencil sketch and donation from the creator of the character Rich Buckler, and a painting of Joe by artist Joe Orsak that will be used for the 4th Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge book that collects most of the pages donated from last year that will debut at Heroes Con June 20. In April the 5th Sinnott Inking Challenge event (used to educate about inking) auctions will run with inked original art pages for sale for fundraising by the likes of participants John Dell, Andy Smith, Mark McKenna, Neil Vokes, Keith Champagne, Jack Purcell, Keith Williams, Mark Pennington, Gerry Acerno, Jeff Austin, and many more surprises from over twenty-five artists including even family participation from Joe Sinnott’s son Mark and daughter-in-law Belinda! So please bookmark our eBay store and check in weekly for some real milestones!


Fred Fredericks: 1929-2015

Fred Fredericks (Harold “Fred” Fredericks Jr.) was a artist/cartoonist/inker known for his work on the King Features properties The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician. In the late 1980s-early 1990s he inked many titles for Marvel Comics including Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja, Punisher War Journal, Daredevil, Quasar, G.I. Joe and Defenders of the Earth. He passed away Sunday March 8 after a long illness. The Inkwell Awards express their condolences to Fred’s family and loved ones for their loss.


Norman Lee: 1968-2015


Artist/Inker Norman Lee was announced as having disappeared March 5th while vacationing on the Cayman Islands with his wife of five years Jan. They were snorkeling when she lost sight of Norman and presumed he’d returned to shore. When he wasn’t found the authorities were called in, resulting in a search & rescue, and later a search & recovery, which was called off by Cayman police on Saturday the 7th. has coverage on this tragedy.

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The 5th Annual Sinnott Inking Challenge Launches!


2015wolverine_SinnottChallBlue72Here’s the edited invitation with info on the 2015 Challenge below as it was emailed out to many artists on January 8. For those artists interested they can contact us with the info below but only for a limited time.

The Inkwell Awards proudly invites you to the fifth annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge!
Our Hall of Fame Award is named after Joe. With his approval and support, we have taken a couple of his pencil fundraising donations, originally rendered on blank variant cover comics, enlarged and converted them to bluelines for inking. Interested?
We’ve chosen ink artists and embellishers who are 1) part of our organization, 2) Inkwell award recipients, and/or 3) notable for their career inkwork, whether veterans of the past or present. However, any inker can request to take part.  We may ask for your credentials and have the right to refusal in the project or in the subsequent book.

Simple! First, for fundraising and educational purposes, we invite to ink one or both of these pieces–your choice, our honor. We’ll take the final images and post them on our online gallery alongside Joe Sinnott’s initial pencil art in order to educate the public as to what ink artists like you actually do and how much you contribute to the artform.

Secondly, these pieces will be auctioned to raise funds for our vital operational needs and philanthropic programs like the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund (for selected students of the Kubert School) and our COMPliments Program which allows HoF inkers who are no longer on publishers’ comp lists to receive collections of their work through us and not have to purchase them.
Finally, if and when we publish a print collection of the pieces like we’ve done in the past, your art, bio and info may be included (space-willing and not guaranteed) and, if so, we’ll gladly ship you a comp copy at our expense.
Last year’s successful program brought in over $2,800 from our eBay auctions and this year we anticipate an even better outcome. You can check out previous samples of donations from our first four years at our Comic Art Fans gallery: (See top left labelled links.) Continue reading The 5th Annual Sinnott Inking Challenge Launches!

BOB’S BLOG: INKBLOTS UPDATE- Neal Adams & Joe Sinnott Unique Auction Collectible!

“Legendary Artists Neal Adams and Joe Sinnott Make Comic Book History for the Inkwell Awards”
First Comics News
(December 5, 2014–New Bedford, Massachusetts): For the first time in 44 years, comic book legends Neal Adams and Joe Sinnott have collaborated on a special edition to be auctioned by the non-profit Inkwell Awards (aka “The Inkwells”). The auction will take place in March, 2015.

The two artists contributed their talents to a sketch cover of a Batman #0 comic book. The first and last time they collaborated was on two issues of Thor in 1970.

“We are thrilled beyond belief to have these two living legends work together again on our behalf,” said Bob Almond, Inkwell Awards founder and director. “We originally planned to auction the piece off in December of this year but decided we didn’t want to compete with holiday shopping. By waiting until March, everyone who wants a shot at this piece of history will have time to save for it.”

The piece came about when Inkwell volunteer Joe Goulart approached Adams at the 2014 Connecticut ComiCONN to contribute a donation sketch for the non-profit. Adams then made his own request: He would do so if Inkwell Special Ambassador Joe Sinnott inked it. Sinnott is also the namesake of the charity’s Hall of Fame Award and its annual Inking Challenge event and book collection. Sinnott’s son Mark was contacted and the deal was sealed. Two months later, Joe brought the inked version to the Rhode Island Comic Con for a historic photo with Neal.

The comic book has been professionally graded 9.4 and “slabbed” by the Comic Book Certification Service.

Inkwell Store Holiday sale! Black (ink) Friday!

Everyone has a Black Friday sale going on and the Inkwell Awards are no exception! Starting on November 28, Black (ink) Friday, our holiday sale will begin at our website’s Store page and run until January 30.  All merchandise*, signed or not, (books, prints, t-shirts, DVDs) will be HALF OFF the listed prices while supplies last! You can email me at to check that an item is in stock and verify the s&h fee and then, if using Paypal, pay us at that account address or mail a check or MO after getting our shipping address.

*EXCEPTIONS: Does not include the signed & numbered Sienkiewicz Ms. Inkwell 13X19 prints nor the 3rd Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge book (signed or unsigned). Those are full donation price. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

BOB’S BLOG: INKBLOTS- Neal Adams & Joe Sinnott Unique Auction Collectible!




Scan of a photocopy by Mark Sinnott of Neal's loose sketch prior to Joe's embellishment in ink.
Scan of a photocopy by Mark Sinnott of Neal’s loose sketch prior to Joe’s embellishment in ink


Neal with Joe holding the collector’s item at the Rhode Island Comic Con on 11/1/14

Please check out this preview of an exciting and historic donation collaboration between NEAL ADAMS & JOE SINNOTT on a BATMAN blank cover sketch variant for the non-profit INKWELL AWARDS!  They have not been paired up for almost 45 years (and NEVER on Batman) and this epic event is now being authenticated, graded & slabbed by CBCS- Comic Book Certification Service thanks to Inkwell former member and supporter Joe Goulart. This unique collector’s item will run on the Inkwell Awards eBay store on either the week of November 22 or December 6 at this link above so please bookmark it and we will keep you posted!


(New Bedford, MA/USA–August 26, 2014): The non-profit advocacy group, the Inkwell Awards, began its eighth season this summer by electing Jim Starlin, Clifford Meth and Laura Martin as its three new creator ambassadors to represent the group’s mission of promoting, educating and recognizing the art form of inking and inker artists in the comic book industry.

Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin

Jim Starlin is an iconic, fan-favorite creator whose career has earned a resurgence due to characters he created (Thanos, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora) appearing in Marvel Studios’ recent worldwide blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy, with more on the way. Starlin began at Marvel Comics in 1972 and has been working on and off in comics at various publishing houses ever since, as both a writer and artist. He has created and worked on a plethora of major and minor titles and characters, many of which have become synonomous with his name in the minds of many fans, often due as much to his unique pencilling and inking styles as his writing. Continue reading INKWELL AWARDS LAUNCHES 8th SEASON WITH STARLIN, METH AND MARTIN AS AMBASSADORS