Bob Almond

The character as conceived by me was designed by artist Randy Green as seen in the site’s Ms. Inkwell Art section and she was designed with a tuxedo gown, no skirt, which acts like a short dress (,default,pd.html?cgid=cl26). At the shows where the family’s meet her, the model is not revealing and in fact many of the models wear a hiked-up skirt underneath on our suggestion as a precaution against a peep show. Ms. Inkwell aka business woman Ms. India Wells of India Wells, Inc. is our spokesmodel character. I believe that answers your two questions, “where is her skirt”. Bob Almond

where is her skirt?

okay, and what is gotten out of her proving that she is not wearing a skirt?
Randy Green’s depiction doesn’t appear to be proving the fact that she isn’t wearing a skirt, the drawing is classy.

Bob Almond

I don’t understand your hang up on that she was designed without a skirt. As a businesswoman who’s a celebutante into high fashion she was meant to be SEXY while at the same time savvy, smart, professional. She was created, a gimmick if you will, to draw more attention to the organization without being skanky at the shows. This translates into more exposure to our mission and increased fundraising so we can operate. That’s how things work. Some models pose a little more provocatively for their photo shoots but that’s not how she looks on the convention floor. While the models and the character brand has been a success for two years, she obviously not something that interests you. I have done my best to explain this to you honestly and without dodging and behind your hidden identity all I get is trolling responses like we’ve offended you or we’re are hiding something. If you don’t like a tv show, you turn the channel. Or is your agenda to simply trash us.

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