Gifs Galore! Sinnott Inking Challenges Get Attention!

Gifs have really taken off on Facebook lately. And after we launched our Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge spin-off program The Sinnott Inking Challenge Spotlight (the first one being on JIM LEE), I was impressed to see that FB friend and artist Patrick Blaine had cobbled together the Superman images by starting with Jim’s pencils and flashing like a dozen inked versions in succession for the viewer to visualize what each inker brought to the table. This gif, posted 4/13, went viral and was shared 1037 times (to date) for the first, incomplete version and 854 times (to date) for the updated version posted the next day! I contacted thanked Patrick for creating this brilliant tool for bringing exposure to our eBay auctions and for capturing and displaying within seconds to anyone not in the know exactly what the unique contribution of ink artists is. As an anonymous FB observer posted on Facebook on April 15:

“Very cool. I’ve always understood how penciling, coloring and even lettering styles can differ from person to person. Never could quite wrap my head around inking though. This shows the same pencilling inked by different inkers. I think I finally get it.”




I then contacted my assistant director and Copy & Graphics Asst Mike Pascale and asked him if he could do the same things with our upcoming Joe Sinnott Challenge event images of Deadpool and Spider-Gwen.  Mike’s a busy guy but he surpassed my expectations and created two outstanding gif features that we’ve used to promote the 6th annual event following the end and success of the Spotlight program. Attached in this article are all three versions.

These auctions are weekly, thanks to the efforts of auctioneer Rhys Evans. The Deadpool auctions have ended but there are a few unsold pages. Week one of two is running right now for Spider-Gwen. After all four weeks are out on May 22 we’ll run a final week with the remaining, unsold pages as discounted relists as well as Richard Clark‘s original painting of Joe Sinnott. Joe even signed and remarked the image with a Things headshot as if ‘painted Joe’ sketched it! This will be used for the upcoming 5th annual Sinnott Inking Challenge book collection which will debut as usual at Heroes Con June 18. So please keep checking our eBay Store page and bookmark it. There’s a lot of artistic goods to be offered for the annual Sinnott Spring Sale Spectacular as we run out the season. THANKS!

RichardClark copy



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